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Julia Hughes Jones was one of the highest elected officials in the State of Arkansas. She has become known as a strong advocate for women and leadership. Her public appearances and her new book, The Secret History of Weeds, educate and encourage women to make a difference.
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Julia Hughes Jones

Julia Hughes Jones was elected to two constitutional officer positions during her career in Arkansas politics. She served one term as Circuit Clerk in Little Rock and five terms as Arkansas State Auditor. She was the first woman elected to both positions and worked closely with Bill Clinton during his years as the Arkansas Attorney General and as Governor.

Jones has been a professional public speaker since 1982, focusing on politics, leadership, and issues concerning women.   In 2010, she was awarded a prestigious Cicero speechwriting award for a speech she gave on The Secret History of Women. Many of Jones' speeches have been published in Vital Speeches of the Day magazine, and either excerpted or published in full in several business leadership books and textbooks on public speaking. "Vote Theft 2000" was published in Vital Speeches of the Day and was one of five on election reform selected to be included in Representative American Speeches 2000-2001. She authored an article on "Women in Politics" that was included in the Encyclopedia of the Future, MacMillan Library Reference, 1996.

Her speech, "World Class Leadership for Women," delivered to the Junior League of Jacksonville, FL in 1998, has been published as online supplemental course material nationally and internationally. An excerpt from this speech was published in the official program for A Call for Partnership, Reshaping Government in West Africa, United Nations Economic Commission for West Africa, in Mali, November 26-30, 2007.

Jones attended Texas Woman's University, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, and University of Arkansas at Little Rock where she majored in Business Administration and Political Science. She was one of 20 women in a class of 77 completing Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government in 1981. She is a charter member of National Women's History Museum.

Jones believes women have the required assets and skills for leadership in today's world. She has spent more than 30 years teaching, leading, and encouraging women to take that chance and follow their dreams. Her public speeches and presentations have made a difference to many women who were on the sidelines, and they now are involved in helping shape the world we live in today.


Julia Hughes-Jones is a recognized leader in aggressively promoting women’s leadership abilities and promulgating issues concerning women’s rights, gifts and skills. Jones details in her book a history of women that has been overlooked or barely acknowledged in traditional textbooks. She notes that many documented ancient records are traditionally inaccessible to the general public.


Expressly citing the many challenges and difficulties women have faced throughout history, Jones calls attention to the witch hunts in the Middle Ages and notes how some of those dark beliefs about women have been carried into the present, perhaps unknowingly.  The third millennium “war against women” can be associated with the Middle Ages when women healers were found to be witches because they taught women how to control their bodies and practice birth control. Because of the lack of birth control measures at the time, infanticide was the most common crime in Europe between the end of the witch hunts until the late 18th century.  


The Secret History of Weeds focuses on the lack of balance between the sexes throughout history resulting in the belief that men are reliable for knowing how to lead and that women lack leadership skills other than in the home and classroom.

Julia Hughes Jones is a widow, mother, grandmother and full time companion to her Bichon Frise, Angel. She has resided in Florida since 1995.

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