Below are a few of our favorite links. Check them out!

AlphabetvsGoddess - AlphabetvsGoddess is a site based on the book by that name and written by a surgeon/art enthusiast, Leonard Shlain. Dr. Shlain who went on a goddess cruise to Greece and came back with the idea that the left brain/rational thinking development in humans caused womens' right brain intuitive skills to be downplayed and cursed.

The Department of Homegirl Security - This blog is dedicated to the elimination of Hillary-bashing and all other abusive treatments of Hillary and other women and as acceptable forms of behavior.


Guide2womenleaders - Guide2womenleaders is a well-researched website full of information about women leaders in history through the present. This site was started by a male Danish scholar who loves women's history.

Malcom Kushner - Wrote Public Speaking for Dummies, where he quotes one of my speeches.


Midwifeinfo - Midwifeinfo is an organization of midwives. The site is full of current news.

Middleastwomen - Middleastwomen is a reliable and major source of information about what is happening with females in the Middle East. It's a really good website for all those females.


National Women’s History Museum; certain Congressmen are blocking approval of this new museum honoring this nation’s women in Washington D. C. even though funding will not be requested from Congress.


National Women's History Project - One of the best sites for finding information on the history of women.

Sarah Sentilles - Sentilles is an Episcopalian priest who has published a book about her life in the ministry.

Wage Project - This site is linked to Evelyn Murphy, an economist and former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, who has published a book on wage discrepancies between male and female.

The Women's Ordination - Information about women in the ministry and the barriers they face today.