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"Girls begin to talk and to stand on their feet sooner than boys because weeds always grow up more quickly than good crops."
—Martin Luther 1533

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Book Reviews & Endorsements

A Long Awaited Book at Last Available to A Culture that Traditionally Undervalues Women's Roles

Jones’ wonderful and timely book, The Secret History of Weeds, What Women Need to Know About Their History, is inspiring and will surely find a welcoming audience among women, not exclusively those who dare enter the political arena in our present age, but all those who dare examine their role as human beings in a gender conscious (or perhaps obsessed) world. Ms Jones has the gift of phrasing concepts in such an orderly and unmistakable way that they are irrefutably clear to the reader. This book brings much overlooked and misunderstood knowledge about the experience of gender to the modern woman of course, but also to men as well, to the ultimate benefit of both.

— Glen H.


Empowering Women is the Answer!

This book explains how females came to be considered inferior to males in history, a problem that continues to plague women in the third millennium. Martin Luther bestowed the "weed" status on females in 1533 and women are continuing to fight that label. No matter how you look at it, women who achieve at the top of the professional ladders in life are still viewed as "too emotional" and, even worse, not as competent in leadership as males. This work disputes those cultural beliefs with stories about women who overcame the secondary status awarded to them by our society. The road to achievement is paved with the shards of glass ceilings and stained glass windows, however, and will continue to be until the majority of the world's population becomes equal to the minority males.

— Anonymous



What Every Young Girl Needs to Know!

This book is an urgent reminder that sexism is alive and well in the 21st century. I was active in the women's rights movement in the 70's and know how hard it was for educated young women to get jobs that their often less talented male counterparts sailed into. Now I have a young adult daughter who really has no idea about the history of discrimination against women. As the saying goes, "Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it." Every woman, young and old, needs to read Julia Jones' fascinating review of the long long history of women being treated as inferior, or ignored completely. I thought I knew a lot, but Jones' wide-reaching research has turned up amazing little known stories about the treatment of women, and women's ongoing fight to overcome bias against women.

— K. Jordan



An Eye-Opening Glimpse into the Annals of Women’s History

Have you ever read a history book and wondered why it was only the men whose accomplishments have been glorified and recorded? What about women? By absentee, we gather that women did not accomplish anything worth recording. Jones points out that history is written by winners. Women's accomplishments over the centuries have gone unnoticed because the writers of history have been males, so history has been limited to male accomplishments. The Secret History of Weeds" is an empowering read that sheds light into the previously undocumented role of women in history. For example, since men wrote history, accounts of legendary Amazon and Spartan women warriors have gone unrecorded in history. Rather, women warriors have been regarded as myths and tall tales. In her book, Jones presents documented evidence that powerful women warriors and priestesses did, indeed, exist. Best book I have owned, lent out, gotten back and loaned again.

— L. Roberts


History of Women

It is amazing how much of history has heretofore been unknown to the general public. Jones does our footwork for us, reviewing and pooling reams of information, sorting through it in such a way as to present new perspectives re: historical influences on present-day functioning. The way women were treated in the past directly related to men's treatment of other men, as well. Unimaginably, women were not permitted to sing in choirs; as a result, men were castrated to assure the presence of soprano and alto voices! Women have been crucial in fields of archeology, space exploration, religion (women were the first to spread Christ's message - for hundreds of years), medicine - the list goes on and on. This is a must read for men and women alike.

— Nekharpa



Extraordinary book full of women's history!

What an extraordinary book this is! As a professional who has been devalued in my profession, by family, by our culture, and by the church, I now understand after reading this book why women are considered inferior to men. Let this be my testament to a renewal in spirit for the future because I now know I am not inferior at all! Thank you Julia Hughes Jones for reporting what has been excluded or filtered in our history about women in the world. Worldwide there is a need for the feminine energies especially now. A wonderful book!

—Hockey Mom

You Haven't Come Such a Long Way Baby



Jones does a great job of educating us on the origins of the insidious and persistent bias towards women, even in this supposedly enlightened society. Her analysis is entertaining and credible.

—Happy Traveler






This is an insightful and thought-provoking work that will be welcomed by women of all ages. The examples chosen speak to the reader and her experience of life. Throughout, the tone is thoughtful, responsible, accessible. While troubled by the way women are, and have been received, Julia tends to state the point, let the fact or situation speak for itself, and then move on.

—Editor Elizabeth Zack, founder of BookCrafters LLC in 2003; formerly Senior Editor, Ballantine Publishing, a division of Random House; and Senior Editor, John Wiley & Sons.



Women have been invalidated, verbally and non-verbally, for centuries. Julia has the ability to see things for what they are. If you want an objective awareness about things, read her book. If you would like things politically correct, read someone else's book.

—Dr. Jay Carter, Psy.D., best selling author of Nasty People, Nasty Men, Nasty Women, and Nasty Bosses



As a post-mastectomy fitting specialist for the last 28 years, I am an avid reader of all things women. This book is wonderful!!!!! I am so excited... The author makes me laugh with her style and wince with her truth. The book will be in my reception area, shared with my clients from all walks of life, and in all stages of breast cancer recovery.

—Laura Rezk, Board Certified Fitter American Board for Certification, Board of Certification, International


The devaluation of the feminine has created a world badly out of balance.In order to restore the balance, women need to understand our own history, much of which has been previously omitted or purged from the historical record. Indeed, given the wealth of new material available about women's contributions, it is now our responsibility (as well as our joy) to learn the "secret" history of women so we may override the unconscious messages of inferiority or unimportance we have internalized over centuries of oppression. And that is the joy of this book. May it become an open secret!


—Carol Gaskin, Editorial Alchemy



Julia has written a reader-friendly book that is required reading for women of all ages who desire to empower themselves. She has selected astonishing stories from history, excluded by most historians, and has woven these tales into a refreshing and inspiring look at what women have been able to accomplish even with the limitations of repression. This is a book for any woman or man who understands the need for restoring respect for the feminine and for creating balance between the sexes in a patriarchal world that has led us to the brink of destroying our planet.

—Linda E. Savage, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, MFT, AASECT Certified Sex Educator Author of: Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality: The Power of the Feminine Way



The Secret History of Weeds contains everything I wanted to know about being a woman---- but my mother never told me--- just as her mother never told her. This book removes society's veil of illusion and empowers women to be all God created them to be in a fulfilling, happy life.

—Rev. Lynda Roberts, healer, teacher, Reiki Master



Julia Jones inspired me all over again. Just when I thought my tank was almost on empty, her words were like fuel, taking me closer down the road toward equality, keeping me on the path of being the uppity and outspoken woman I have become.


—Karen Tate, Author, Scholar and Radio Show Host Author of: Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations & Walking an Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth, Finalist in the National Best Books of 2008 Awards



The "women are inferior" belief is a cancerous attitude at the core of breast cancer. Women internalize the lack of receptiveness to the feminine divine, yet do not recognize it, or when we do, we are afraid to speak up about it. We will never be free of cancer in the world until we heal the cancerous attitudes!


—Beverly Vote Publisher, The Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine: Empowering MIND-BODY-SPIRIT