Julia Hughes Jones
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Julia Hughes Jones is available to come and speak to your group. She focuses on issues about women as leaders in politics, religion and business. She has been a professional public speaker since 1982. She recently received a prestigious Cicero speechwriting award for a speech she wrote and presented on The Secret History of Women.

Many of Jones' speeches have been published in Vital Speeches of the Day magazine, and either excerpted or published in full in several business leadership books and textbooks on public speaking. "Vote Theft 2000" was published in Vital Speeches of the Day and was one of five on election reform selected to be included in Representative American Speeches 2000-2001 (H.W. Wilson Co.).


Her speech, “The Secret History of Women,” was selected to be published in Contemporary American Speeches, a widely respected college textbook, Tenth Edition, Kendall Hunt Publishing. This speech was featured first in the book section on Speeches That Increase Understanding.

Speech Topics

The Secret History of Women

Jones reveals the four concepts in women's history that have been appropriated as descriptive of all women.

Womens' Issues

Culturally misguided beliefs originating at the beginning of civilized humanity continue to plague today’s women as being deficient in leadership abilities. Perhaps the most revealing belief is that women cannot determine their own well-being and need male authority to do so (the abortion-birth control controversy is based on this premise).

Women in Politics

Women generally don't like and sometimes actually fear politics, yet politics in government is closely related to politics in social settings, in business, and in religion.

Women in Leadership

World class leadership for women includes profiles on women politicians including Hillary Clinton and offers tips for learning how to be effective as a woman in political, social and economic situations.

Excerpts from Speeches

World Class Leadership

What is a leader?

Leaders know it is impossible to make everyone happy without lying to someone. The nature of human behavior in our society is that to lie is to protect in some cases, and in other cases a lie achieves personal ends.

A leader who leads through tyranny or dictatorship wants followers to believe that nothing else has validity except the ideas and goals of the leader.

Being in control is defined as leadership by many, but real leaders do not try to control opposition and challenges to their authority because they recognize that debate between opposing forces brings better and more long-lasting solutions to problems.

Real leaders have the capacity for self-doubt and humility, knowing these attributes will help keep them on track in times of trouble.

Real leaders take their chances in the marketplace of ideas without threats of punishment and without attempting to control the process.

Real leaders acknowledge mistakes openly and regretfully, then set out to correct them and move on.

In Search of the Sacred Feminine

My version of the sacred feminine and how it impacts modern women is best expressed through addressing the following questions:

A. Why are women locked in a political and cultural cul-de-sac?

B. Why are women's gifts vital to our country's survival in a dangerous world?

C. How can women move into the mainstream of influence?

Before we can address these questions, we must first look at the term sacred feminine, which is also referred to as the divine feminine. What is the sacred or divine feminine? My definition is more far pragmatic than conspiracy theorists will approve.

The broader view of the sacred feminine indicates an honoring of women's worth rather than a rejection of feminine gifts. The expanded definition is to see it is as the difference in perception between the right brain and left-brain. The right-brain produces society's non-logical, gatherer/nurturer role and the left-brain brings out society's logical, hunter/killer capability. Both roles are of vital importance in the survival of the human race.

Vote Theft 2000: A New Direction for the New Millennium

The American sense of humor is always at play where elections are concerned and the Internet is replete with the Florida joke of the day. Public speakers have always told humorous anecdotes about well-meaning citizens who go to church every time the doors are open and yet think absolutely nothing is wrong with manipulating election results "for the good of the state." The question we must ask is: "Are we short-changing ourselves by laughing at something as serious as the elective process?" Frankly, there is nothing wrong with a dose of humor in a critical situation. The problem comes when election officials believe the public expects hanky-panky in the election process.

Stolen elections perpetuate corrupt politicians and maintain the status quo.

All the taxpayers and voters who claim to be cynical about government and disgusted with elected officials must remember that "pay to play" and "playing the game" are two metaphors politicians understand completely. These politicians know

  • they have to "play the game" as it is played (follow the rules from the top, not from the bottom), and
  • they have to require those who seek favor to "pay to play," (if you want something from government, you give money) or the game is over for the politician.